August 4th, 2013


Hello, everyone!

Here is an opportunity for all our loyal fans to help us compile the first ever BEST OF collection in the Bad-Ass Faeries series.

Between now and December 31st read (or re-read) the Bad-Ass Faeries anthologies (Bad-Ass Faeries, Just Plain Bad, In All Their Glory) and select the best story or stories from each volume. You can vote for more than one story, but can vote for each story only once. If one of your selections matched those of the editors, you could win a copy of THE BEST OF BAD-ASS FAERIES. (US winners to receive an autographed print copy, winners outside of the US to receive an ebook copy.)

To enter visit the contest page:

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You can find excerpts of each story on the Bad-Ass Faeries home page:

You can find the books on Amazon at:

Please do spread the word!

Good luck, and Get Your Bad-Ass On!

The Editors,

Danielle Ackley-McPhail
L. Jagi Lamplighter
Lee C. Hillman
Jeffrey Lyman