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We are very please to announce that Bad-Ass Faeries 2 has received another wonderful review:
"These tales gave me a feel of the dark faery tales of old [...] that have not been sugar coated for children.  They are wonderful!"--Mel's World blog
Follow the URL to read the full review:
Congrats to Trisha Wooldridge and Christy Tohara, Elaine Corvidae, Skyla Dawn Cameron, Lorne Dixon, Steven Earl Yoder, CJ Henderson, Lee C. Hillman, Steven Mangold and Jason Franks, and John Passarella for being highlighted in the review.
Tags: and john passarella, bad-ass faeries 2: just plain bad, cj henderson, elaine corvidae, lee c. hillman, lorne dixon, reviews, skyla dawn cameron, steven earl yoder, steven mangold and jason franks, trisha wooldridge and christy tohara

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