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> Have you been interested in faeries and fairytales for a long time? Or did you investigate this field just for this project?


Now this is a very interesting question, because I actually have a

love of faerie stories that dates way back to Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm. I've always been fond of the macabre and I like stories with a twist, I also love the darker side of fiction compared to the bright shiny sparkle side that seems to be stalking the monster genre at the moment. So when I heard about this project through Neal Levin (who I work with a lot) it just seemed to be a perfect time to experiment with a story for it.


> If the first, how did you become interested in fairytales?


I have my parents to thank (or blame) for the various fictional likes. They introduced me to a fantastic world of stories and tales, such as the Brothers Grimm from a very early age. I presume a lot of that stuck with me and it trickles through into my writing now. My

favourite Fairy Tale has to be Little Red Ridinghood though. Though in many of the versions I like, the wolf eats everyone!


> The fairytale world is vast. How did you decide which of the myriad of entities you would write about?


One day I sat down and looked at a few winter scenes, I'd just been

watching a particular show on the various early explorers. They were

talking about chillblains and frost bite...suddenly I had this idea

for a winter based fae that could bring forth these little creatures

that bit off your fingers and toes. I knew it had to be bad ass and

fairy based, so I coupled that with my love for special operations. I had also been playing several of the Splinter Cell games at the time. So it just seemed to me that having a in a non-winged

not-cute but very profesional Unseelie type of Fae for this, would be perfect.


> How did you become interest in writing?


I've always loved telling stories, even at a very early age. I would

read a lot, I would try and write even then. My folks got me the old

D&D box set (red box) at 10, so that snowballed all the creativity and I began to tell stories using that...then I would write them down (badly I think) into a novel style format (hey I was only 10 at the time though) and over time...I invested more time into the craft.


> How long have you been writing?



I've been writing professionally since around 2000 when I met Neal

Levin via his Dark Quest RPG company. A fantastic professional

relationship grew from that point on and Neal is basically my main guy when it comes to stories. We bounce ideas like rain and he takes my British English and does magical things with it. So magical that it formed part of Bad Ass Faeries 3 with the story Snow and Iron.


> How do you feel about bad-ass faeries? Are you bothered by the move away from cutesie? Or is it an idea whose time has come?


I love it, the further we move away from cute faeries and sparkling

vampires, muscle-werewolves, the better. Monsters are meant to be

monsters, not something you fawn over. Sure you can fawn some over

Dracula or Jareth the Goblin King though, that's allowed. What I'm

sort of driving at is that I like the shift away from the safe into

the realm of the dangerous. More books like Bad Ass Faeries 1,2 and 3 are needed. I'm going to try and get a story into 4...I have a few



> Where can interested readers find out about you and your work?


I suppose the best place for people to look now is my Amazon Author

page, not fully up to date since it only has a smattering of the

things that I've worked on.


It has my bio though and here's the link:


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