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BAD-ASS INSIGHT: Monica Richards

A special treat, this week’s Insight is by Faith and the Muse’s own Monica Richards, this multi-talented woman shares a bit about how the process went for her. Check out her website for more of her achievements at (NEXT WEEK: INTERVIEW WITH A BAD-ASS - Darren W. Pearce.)


I was sent an email about doing a story for Bad-Ass Faeries, and the idea was fascinating. I'm known mainly as a musician/artist - but my fans know I write as well. Given that I prevail in the goth/pagan/fantasy world, writing about bad-ass fairies sounded like a great idea! I write poetry mainly, but I do love writing tales.

In all honesty, my story writing is a bit… unusual. From what I have been told lately, I actually write what is known as 'micro-fiction'! I will tell a tale in about a paragraph or two, no dialogue except the barest minimum, often no character names. Just a set-up, a story and then… done!

My first attempt at a story for the first BAF book was about two paragraphs long. Danielle was very sweet, and asked that I add some dialogue, characters, you know - make it an actual story? Given that I was to do the cover story, which had been created by the amazing Amy Brown, I took a good hard look at her work and started over. The illustration gave me the idea of the warring factions of fairies, and driving by the slow destruction of my wild foothills as the virus of suburbia spread upon them more and more each day brought on the idea for my second try. The idea of characterization, dialogue - was quite a challenge to me. But as I dug in, it took a life of its own. In the end, I was so happy to contribute and honored that my story was published!

It has given me the courage to continue broaden my horizons!

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