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We're switching things up a bit this week with an interview, rather than an Insight. Christina Yoder is a very talented artist in any medium and had the distinction, in addition to having done interior art for Just Plain Bad, to have been the artist of the original cover. Sadly, when we moved to another publisher the series was given a new look with a different artist, but without doubt, Christina's rendition of Gorge from the story Way of the Bone more than captured the spirit of Bad-Ass! Read on to learn more about her inspiration. (NEXT WEEK'S INSIGHT: Monica Richards)


• Have you been interested in faeries and fairytales for a long time? Or did you investigate this field just for this project?

 I've been interested in faeries and fairy creatures for as long as I can remember. I had some great influences; Jim Henson's creatures and movies like "The Dark Crystal" and "Labyrinth", creatures in Nintendo games, and Steven Spielberg movies were huge sources of inspiration. I used to imagine whole worlds of fantasy creatures even out of ordinary household objects when I was a kid.

 • If the first, how did you become interested in fairytales?

 Mostly through books and movies, I got a copy of a book called "Fifty Famous Fairy Tales" when I was a kid and I read it so many times the book fell apart! And of course, through lots and lots of movies. Jim Henson Studios and Ray Harryhausen films were my favorite things to watch. When "The Storyteller", "Fraggle Rock", and "Amazing Stories" came out those also got me heavily into creature design and concepts.

 • How long have you been practicing your art?

 When I was a toddler, I remember a "activity board" toy that had a spinning color wheel that I was obsessed with and that led to using massive amounts of crayon on walls, my first "art project."  I've been doing art ever since. I've always loved drawing and creating creatures and as a kid I used to make "paper doll" toys of monsters, dragons, and other creatures and would write stories and role-playing around those creatures. I'm still a big kid at heart when it comes to artwork.

 • How do you feel about bad-ass faeries? Are you bothered by the move away from cutesy? Or is it an idea whose time has come?

 I remember a quote from Labyrinth, "Ow... it bit me! Well, what did you expect Faeries to do?" I've always seen faeries as mischievous and out of human control, and I think the idea of bad-ass faeries can be summed up in one word...PEFECT. The concept is perfect. Faeries are not "cute"... they are not something to play with, nor are they always friendly... they can even be deadly.

 • In your esteemed position, is something a faery if it does not have wings?

 Yes... faeries come in all shapes, sizes, colors... and types. They do not have to have wings. Some of them have appendages to drag you down into the murky water. Some of them have spikes, some disguise themselves as other creatures or even objects.

 • Where can interested readers find out about you and your work?

 They can go to my website, to see my artwork, or friend me on Facebook! I am constantly adding new pics of creations, artwork, even sculpture on Facebook.

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